Community January 22, 2015

A Great Man Retires: Steve Boyer Kitsap County Sheriff


If you live in Kitsap, or the surrounding Counties, you have seen one of the “Baseball Cards” below.


It is the familiar face of the Sheriff Steve Boyer. The text on the back of the card reads: “Sheriff Steve Boyer is a 43-year law enforcement veteran. He is proud to serve the community alongside the outstanding men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. Peace and safety for all citizens is their Goal.” This describes what Sherriff Boyer had done but not who he is!



On Sunday the 11th of Janury 2015, Sheriff Boyer officially retired from his 43 years of experience in law enforcement. Irene and I were honored to be in the large group of people gathered at the Admiral Theater for this special occasion. Steve served 4 terms as Kitsap County’s Sherriff. Over his 15 years as the sheriff he has significantly lowered the crime rate, improved the training for our deputies, and helped provide a larger budget for our local offices. And he has done it all the while with a smiling face!



Speeches were made… stories were told… tears were shed… and laughter was spread. It was obvious that Steve had, in one way or another, touched the hearts of everyone in the room. 


One attendant told a story that we think describes Steve well. Saying: I asked a democrat about Steve and he said “Steve Boyer is an amazing democrat and man!” Next I talked to a republican who told me, “Steve Boyer is a democrat but he is an amazing man!” Steve always had a way of diving to our hearts to get at the core of the issues. He is a people person at heart.



Throughout his long and bright Law Enforcement career Steve Boyer has never made it about himself. At the end of his heartfelt speech Steve insisted that we do not stand and clap for him or his service, but for the Community, the Kids, and the Safety of Everyone.



We are very thankful to your wife Judi Boyer and your wonderful supportive family for their sacrifice and dedication to the community. You will always be remembered as a great husband, a great father, a great public servant and a great friend.

The 2015 and last edition of Steve’s card leaves us with the following message:


“May your soul give courage

Your Mind Wisdom

Your heart compassion”

We commend you Steve Boyer for your Courage, your Character, and your Commitment.

Steve Boyer Facebook | Sheriff's Office