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Kitsap County [Excluding Bainbridge] Real Estate Trends Last Quarter—2014


We track several key indicators to determine the current state of the market and anticipate future trends. If you would like to know what's happening in your neighborhood, give us a call. We've got the data and expertise to help you make an informed decision.  




This  report  is  for  all  of  Kitsap  County  excluding  Bainbridge Island as their statistics throw the rest of the county off. The median price for 2014 is $220,733  down –2% from 2013. Low inventory is still a problem which is keeping upward price pressure on our existing market. Homes that are priced well and in good showing condition seem to be selling well, often receiving  multiple  offers  especially  if  they  are  in  particularly good  locations.  Interest  rates  are  holding  steady  and Windermere continues to be the market leader in the county for  2014  with  a 31% market share of the dollar volume.  Our Windermere economist predicts prices will continue to rise in 2014 by 1% to 2% and interest rates  should  continue  to  be exceptional!





Inventory took a sharp dip in January but then recovered very nicely  by  March  and  stayed  very  steady  until  Holiday time  in November. We currently have 856 home available as opposed to 1340 homes available at the end of August – a 36% reduction. There were 3217 sales in 2014 vs 2926 in 2013 – a 10% increase in volume of sales. We anticipate seeing another large increase in  inventory  coming  on  the  market  by  March  so  if  you  are thinking of selling, now is the me while inventory is low. Prices have leveled off with no significant signs of deep reductions as long  as  sellers  price  at  market  value.  Absorption  of  inventory varies between area and price range.




Interest rates fluctuate regularly, particularly in today’s market.  A 30 year fixed rate mortgage today will cost approximately 3.75 – 4%.  Don’t wait for better terms!

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– Irene & Chris Wurden 

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